This year 2015 it is 50 years since the oil and gas mining in Algyő had started to became the most important place of the country of hydrocarbon-production. in occassion of the jubilee there was a photo exhibition named "Memories of a golden age" in the REÖK-Palace of Szeged to show the important members of the story. We could see between them our collegue István Ádok too (shown below). The first drilling was in 1965 which already shown great potential - they found the greatest hydrocarbon supplies in Hungary here. That time the mining of petroleum could be evaluated to 30 million, the natural gas to 85 billion m³. Nowadays 20 percent of the the national gas comsumption and 10 percent of the oil mined here. Tamás Szakál head of exploration and production said in his interview that in the following years the basics of mining will be given by Croatia and Hungary. To increase the efficiency we should apply secondary and tertiary cultivation methods and the main task is to continue the national exploration of hydrocarbons.

The hydrocarbon-mining anniversary event was held inthe National Theatre of Szeged in the 26th of June. The whole day long event sterted with the wreathing of the Tápé-1 and Algyő-168 monuments, followed by a buffet and professional conference. Some of our Petrolszolg collegues has been participated too.