The Petrolszolg Maintenance & Service Ltd. was founded in 1994 as a 100% legitimate member of the MOL Group.
It has reached the actual organization with mergeing some other maintenance companies till 2004. We are operating with more then 800 employees at 19 plants over Hungary. Petrolszolg is one of the leaders on the operating, maintenance and producting market in Middle East Europe and Hungary. Our organization gives a wide scale of services meaning the deployment, maintenance and the maintenance, reparation, restoration of the related engineering, electrical and control-technology systems of a starter or operating petrol-, gas- and chemical technologies, improve equipment performance and support the operation. Our professional collegues owns a great and unique knowledge and experience. The highly qualified professionals helps the client's activities, increase the value and decrease their operating fees according to this.


Petrol, gas and chemical industrial technologies, implement engineering, electrical and control-technology systems, maintenance, reparatrion and installation activities to ensure the operation of the MOL Gruop related businesses.

Maintenance, preventive tasks, picking, operation support

industrial engineering tasks

Type of company: Korlátolt felelősségű társaság


Plants center:
2440 Magyarország, Százhalombatta, Olajmunkás út 2.

Size of company: more then 800 employees

Other plants:
Algyő, Dabas, Fényeslitke, Füzesgyarmat, Gellénháza, Kardoskút , Kiskunhalas, Komárom, Nagyhegyes_Gólyás, Nagykanizsa, Pécs, Siófok, Szajol, Tiszaújváros (TIFO, MPK), Zalaegerszeg


: +36/23-552-272