DUFI had its 50 year anniversary this year 2015. To be exact in June 30th 1965 our refinery started with the first plant AV1. Based on this event in October 2 we celebrated with some events in Százhalombatta.

Zsolt Hernádi the C-CEOof MOL Group held the welcome speech at the József Szekeres Conference and Event Center. Along the event there was a presentation from dr. András Aradszki state secretary of energy affiars, Vilmos Gombás ex-investment chief, László Galambos production manager and Zsolt Pethő Downstream CEO. After the presentations the outstanding collegues recieved prizes which was given for two of our Petrolszolg collegues too.

Károly Völgyi head of control equipment monitoring started his career in 1968 as the responsible one for the monitoring and maintenance of the build and then operating systems. He operates in his recent position since 2007. His commitment is exemplary such as Miklós Takács collegues.

Miklós electrical fitter works for the refinery since 1973 in his recent position since 2001. Both our awarded collegues puts a great emphasis on their own and their collegues professional progression, they both deserves the acknowledgement of their work.

Belonged to the jubilee there was an art competition named "The refinery and the City - like I see it" and an exhibition of the recieved pieces at the town hall. The event contained the remuneration of the applicants and the opening of the exhibition too. We recieved 14 pieces in total from well known artists but the special award was given to our collegue Csaba Sóti. His "Város a városért" accordion picture and the „Múlt, jelen és benne Te” mirror-glass painting can be seen in the central building of DUFI.

We congratulate all our successful collegues!