If you want to work for us first you have to check our open positions. EYou can do this at our Carrier pages ( and 

 We evaluate the applications according to the neccesary competencies and requirements and the we will contact the suitable candidates in phone to familiarize the selection process. The selection will be happen with different methods (test writing, interview, Assessment Centre, aptitude test, etc.) and in different rounds according to the number of candidates and the type of the position. Our collegues will let you know about the selection process. 

 At the personal interview the relevant business manager and the human relation collegues will interview the candidates. 

 If you will be the best candidate for the job, we will contact you and make you an offer. The mutual agreement of the employment and the contracting will follow after the acceptance of the offer.


Tips for appliers

What you should do if you want to work for Petrolszolg Kft.? We will guide you with some tips to bring your best shape to the interview.

Before applying

 Professional CV

 give us contacts you check regularly,
 seek for clarity and consistensy,
 seek for an only two sided CV (based on your experence),
 specify your professional experiences, studies and knowledge of languages,
 look for CV examples of bigger carrier and job portals, then align it to yourself and the applied job,
 the picture in your CV should be up to date.

At the interview

After your application you can count with a personal interview. For this you should prepare properly.

In cases there is an interview on the telephone Nbefore the personal one. I recommend you to prepare for this with reasons why you want to work for us.

Some tips for this too:

Be punctual and elegant: arrive neither late nor early but consider the entering system of the company which take 10 minutes. For the entering you should bring a valid photo ID.

These questions will help you start the preparation for the interview:

 Why do you want to work for us?
 May you fulfill the requirements listed in the job advertisment? (eg.: place of work, work schedule)
 What are you consider your most important proffesional skill?
 What are your strong competencies? In which field do you want to grow?
 If you have a job now when can you start working for us?
 What is your wage claim?
 What is your questions for us?

We wish you a successful preparation!