Our company persue to ensure a competitive wage and it is also important for us to acknowledge outstanding performance too.

Elements of our income-oriented benefit system – on top of the basic wage:

 success-based rewards reflects the company-group and self achievements (annual, quarterly),
 christmas reward,
 high cafeteria, which can used in a wide variety of employee benefits
     (eg. SZÉP card, Erzsébet payment order, health and pension contribution, health insurance, non-refundable housing subsidies),
 shift bonus higher than the national average,
 'törzsgárda" benefit,
 group life and accident insurances,
 support commuting to work (public transport, car and company bus services) ,
 outstanding higher discount for accomodation at some plants (workers hostel, apartment support).

On top of these there is a fuel card available which comes with some discounts at the MOL petrol stations, and there are some more discounts for our collegues at bank and insurance products, accomodation reservation, new car buying,  restaurants and leisure programs.